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We are excited to have the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) visiting Birdsfoot on April 12-13. The HJGT is a Junior Golf Tour based in Jacksonville, FL. This event is open to all juniors ages 11-18. The HJGT will run over 130 two-day tournaments this year in 15 different states. Juniors will compete in one of four divisions: Boys 15-18, Boys 11-14, Girls 15-18 and Girls 11-14. Each HJGT event is ranked by the Junior Golf Scoreboard and if the necessary field sizes are reached the HJGT will distribute AJGA Performance Stars. For more information about the Pittsburgh Jr. Challenge at Birdsfoot or the HJGT, you can visit HJGT.org or call into the office at (904) 379-2697.

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4 STARS: Outstanding. Plan your next vacation around it.
5 STARS: Superb. Golf at its absolute best. Pay any price to play at least once in your life.
Open Quote A local artist has been commissioned to carve beguiling "Bogeymen" into the gnarled bark of trees that line the cartpath. Grim-faced and unblinking, they're likely to be the only faces that aren't smiling at Birdsfoot
- Chris Rodell, Golf Magazine
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